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graham elliot, chicago

I had dinner at Graham Elliot on Saturday night.  The food is absolutely outrageous.  So delicious and creative.  The service, well, let’s say it’s exceptional.  I have a great story to tell you about, Jeffrey, my waiter. I had a couple of drinks, yes I did, so I decided to step outside for an occasional cigarette  breath of fresh air.  It was raining, but I would not be deterred.  While I was standing outside in the rain, Jeffrey came out of the restaurant to put his hooded jacket around me so that I would not get wet.  Now, is that amazing, or what?  It was so busy at the restaurant, yet Mark took the time to come outside and give me his jacket.  Joy me.  I have been on a kindness high all week.  I’m calling Graham Elliot today to let them know they have a superstar on staff.  Do I recommend Graham Elliot?  You bet I do.  Ask for Jeffrey.

there is a star among us…


About Jamie: Jamie Beck is a photographer in New York City but wants you not to forget she was originally from Texas. After picking up her mom’s old manual Pentax camera at the age of 13 she has never stopped creating images and uses all mediums of photography (film, Polaroid, and digital) to create the world she imagines. She is a contributor to online editorial and art magazines but dreams to shoot for print and publications one day “especially if that means I get to go to Paris”. Look through her lens and follow her journey through photography on her blog From Me To You where Jamie blogs her personal projects, art collaborations, professional work, travels, interiors, fashion photography, and adventures in food.

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…but we knew that, didn’t we?  I was so excited to see Jamie from fromme-toyou featured in design sponge.  If you don’t already follow her on tumblr, you should consider doing so.  She is supremely talented and will bring you great delight.  Through my research I found Jamie featured on another blog, too, but I was not able to retrieve it.  When I do, I will bring the post to you.  She is an amazing photographer.  I can go on and on.  Just go to her website and check her out for yourself.  Joy.  Congratulations, Jamie.  You deserve any recognition that comes your way.

Little Dragon: Machine Dreams

I am a big fan of Swedish band, Little Dragon, for a couple of years. Last night’s show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg was my first live show and it was so much fun! Their second album, Machine Dreams, is in keeping with the unique, innovative, multi-genre electro soul sound of their first (self-titled) album. But this time maybe more danceable, infused with electronica and every bit as sexy. Their sound is difficult to categorize and it’s what makes them so fascinating. Hearing them for the first time was really a breath of fresh air. I was impressed to learn that the lead singer, Yukumi Nagano’s voice was as multi-dimensional, dynamic and haunting as it does on the albums. It was one of the sexier shows I’ve been to in quite a while (more than I would have expected). Do yourself a favor and buy their albums. It will easily become your upcoming summer soundtrack.

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Jim and I have our tickets for April 1.

City Secrets Books

I enjoy reading other people’s opinions about things, and these City Secrets Insider’s Guide books are right up any ‘guide book’ lover’s alley. They are compilations of short essays written by award-winning novelists, writers, poets, directors, producers etc… all revealing and recommending their favorite forgotten, underappreciated and little-known movies and works of literature. They would make a perfect gift for many people on my list that are tricky to shop for. I received them in the mail the other day and was really delighted with their content.

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